Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Holy S#1+, they're loud

WOW -- Got home tonight and the boys were in rare form.

Son #1 - 5
Son #2 - 3
Son #3 - 2

were hopped on goofballs and wilding like Ghetto punks on the subway. Jack was super-sensitive, William was wailing at the drop of a hat and Daniel is a loud-talker. All you parents out there know what I mean. All of you that aren't parents yet or won't ever I applaud you. Raising three boys is far and away the hardest part of my day and I'm not even at the really difficult stages yet. I told my wife that if they make it through tonight then they'll live long and prosperous lives.

Apologies to all who read this and had to wipe themselves free of my parent vomit.

Be well

Worky work busy bee

All this social networking and blogging is hard work.

Gotta update Facebook, LinkedIn, this blog and then circle back and let Twitter know that you've done all that work. Thank God for tabbed browsing. I know I know I should do this from my mobile device but my work-provided phone has no texting capabilities. It doesnt even have a color screen. That should tell you how far under the totem pole I am here.

TO_CHAR(hire_date,'fmDDSPTH "of" fmMONTH YYYY fmHH:MI:SS AM')

How in the hell is that title important to anyone? Why would ANYONE care about that?

Received this video from a co-worker re how college students work, live and what they think.

I was struck by the one piece where a girl says she'll read 8 books this year. EIGHT books in a year during college!?!?! Shouldn't that total be something like 8 books a week? They write how the coursework they're doing has no relevance to the real world or their job. How come no one wants to write the next great American novel?

Well Mister if you want to write the crapola in the title line -- have at it.

Me, I'll take a good Sedaris read and leave the most critical date formatting for those whom it makes them squeal with delight to code : TWENTY-SIXTH of AUGUST 1998 12:00:00 PM

Cute things my boys say.....

"I'm tired" - Son #3 - 2
"Yeah Yeah Sure Sure" - Son #2 - 3
"Maybe we should have won a glass of water" - Son #1 - 5 (in response to asking my telling him we had no water after we left Chuck E Cheese)
"Ready Daddy?" - Son #3 - 2
"703-###-####" - Son #1 - 5 (leaving a message on my phone)

They're cute boys and "I love em man"(think Andrew McCarthy in Sixteen Candles)

It's the dead season

It's the dark times for those of us following college football. Spring practice is over and fall practice hasn't started. The time of the season when the upcoming year is filled with so much promise and the folly of last years is debated ad infintum. I finally quit the message boards like Rivals and Scout. It was too much of the same BS over and over again. I'm sure I'll rejoin when fall ball starts. I plan to attend at least one game a year.

This year is the UF/UM game down in Gainesville. They havent beaten the canes in over 20 years so this could be it but I doubt it.