Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Holy S#1+, they're loud

WOW -- Got home tonight and the boys were in rare form.

Son #1 - 5
Son #2 - 3
Son #3 - 2

were hopped on goofballs and wilding like Ghetto punks on the subway. Jack was super-sensitive, William was wailing at the drop of a hat and Daniel is a loud-talker. All you parents out there know what I mean. All of you that aren't parents yet or won't ever I applaud you. Raising three boys is far and away the hardest part of my day and I'm not even at the really difficult stages yet. I told my wife that if they make it through tonight then they'll live long and prosperous lives.

Apologies to all who read this and had to wipe themselves free of my parent vomit.

Be well

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