Wednesday, April 30, 2008

TO_CHAR(hire_date,'fmDDSPTH "of" fmMONTH YYYY fmHH:MI:SS AM')

How in the hell is that title important to anyone? Why would ANYONE care about that?

Received this video from a co-worker re how college students work, live and what they think.

I was struck by the one piece where a girl says she'll read 8 books this year. EIGHT books in a year during college!?!?! Shouldn't that total be something like 8 books a week? They write how the coursework they're doing has no relevance to the real world or their job. How come no one wants to write the next great American novel?

Well Mister if you want to write the crapola in the title line -- have at it.

Me, I'll take a good Sedaris read and leave the most critical date formatting for those whom it makes them squeal with delight to code : TWENTY-SIXTH of AUGUST 1998 12:00:00 PM

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